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Previous to The First Contact, Chaos Header managed to turn the ecosystem of a planet Cosmos was guarding, which made it inhabitable to its inhabitants. Yuki Kamiki, Kamiki Yuki, 15: Captain Kamikis’s spouse and Hiromi’s mom died in the hospital 11 years before the series, leaving Hiromi alone when Captain Kamiki was burdened with his responsibility as UNVER personnel at the moment. Hiromi Kamiki, Kamiki Hiromi, 15: Aged 21 and captain kamik’s daughter, she turned left at the back of her father for sal years resulting from his duty as a soldier. To make up for his absence, Hiromi and her father re-enact her marriage ceremony. She invited him to her marriage ceremony ceremony, which Shotaro wasn’t able to attend after Gomes S assaults town.

Nonetheless, she n holds a grudge in his direction of him, knowing his job is to save lots of civilians from monster attacks. Twenty years later, Hayata turns into the airport administrator in Kobe Airport and strategies himself to Mirai hibino, the human shape of Ultraman Mebius, alongside his comrades, giving him recommendations after being shaken as a result of being unable to save a young boy in the past. First appeared in Galaxy Legend Side Story: Ultraman Zero vs. Cover of the primary quantity of Ultraman Orb Blu-ray release. Though he n appeared, Ultraman was talked about in the 2016 novel Ultraman F, a non-canon story that came about one yr after ultraman store Ultraman left the Earth. As he continued from being chased by Abel and witnessed the Tri-Squads battle, Kanas’s phrases changed his thoughts about returning to dwelling, and he ultimately determined to remain on Earth for an additional period.

He sees Houlinga because the village is the centerpiece in tourism but mistakes the monster for being ailing, prompting Xio to take motion. Junya Nagare, Nagare Junya, 33, 62: Saijōs right-hand man and the chief of monster extermination weapon growth crew Gallus, Garusu. Before he was recruited by TLT, Komon was from a rescue team. Michiru Tachibana, Tachibana Michiru, 16, 20: Sayuri’s youngest daughter. Kaoru Tachibana, Tachibana Kaoru, 16, 20: Sayuri’s eldest daughter. Kaoru Tachibana was portrayed by Sorami Watanabe Watanabe Sorami. Hiromi Kamiki was portrayed by Kaoru Hirata, Hirata Kaoru, whereas the young Hiromi was portrayed by Maharu Nemoto Nemoto Maharu.