5 Best Inspirational Tamil Movies Ever

There are many movies that you find in the Tamil movie industry that can help inspire you and other people. Movies such as KoogleKuttappa, Maamanithan, Maha, Writer and AnbeSivam are good enough to inspire people in different ways.

These new Tamil movies are exciting to watch, and each of them has a different story. Read the guide below to learn more about the five movies and what makes them inspirational.

5 Tamil Movies That Can Help Inspire People

The five Tamil movies that can help inspire people are as follows:


This is a Tamil movie directed by K.S Ravikumar, where a conservative villager does not approve of the idea of his son travelling outside for work. But his son brings a robot with him to take care of the father; this creates a unique relationship between the robot and the father. The cast of the movie includes LosliyaMariyanesan, TharshanThiyagarajah and many more.  


This is an exciting thriller movie starring HansikaMotwani, Sujith Shankar, SanamShetty, and STR, and the director is U R Jameel. Here, an air hostess loses her girl child at the hands of a serial psycho killer, and after similar incidents happen in the city, she goes hunting the killer herself.


This is one of the new Tamil moviesdirected by Franklin Jacob, where you get to learn more about the police department. The story revolves around a middle-aged policeman cum writer who gets trapped in an illegal custody case that involves a PhD student. The cast includes Iniya, Sanmuthirakani, Lizzie Antony and many more.


This is a Vijay Sethupathi movie directed by Seenu Ramaswamy, where a simple auto-driver with a wife and two children is tricked by a real estate owner and is left at the mercy of angry villagers and police. The cast includes Vijay Sethupathi, Gayathrie and many more.


This is an old Kamal Hassan and R. Madhavan starrer movie that is directed by Sundar C. The movie is about two people named Nalla and Aras who get stranded at the airport, and neither likes the other. But with time, they form a unique relationship and form a great bond.

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